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Surf photography - making moments truly eternal

Surf Photography...

The act of capturing the split-second moments of excitement, the peaceful lulls between the waves and the endless joy and challenge what surfing is. Surfing is a top sport, it is meditation, it is stress relief and it is adventure. And probably so many other things, as many as there are surfers. And every surf photo represents these unique moments.

Swimming in the ocean with my camera to capture all these moments is the essence of surf photography for me. I don´t need to only shoot pro surfers in perfect waves. The sometimes windy, choppy and tiny waves (quite common here on the west coast of Portugal) are enough, if it is where the surfer has the best times. Sometimes I even just shoot empty waves curling beautifully. The water angle brings the viewer uniquely close to the action, to a place they maybe never have been before.

Why would you book a surf photography shoot? Ericeira in Portugal where I am based, is a beautiful destination, so that alone is a reason to book a photoshoot. But to have ever lasting memories of your adventures in the waters of Ericeira, the only European World Surfing Resort, is priceless. Not only can surf photos help you progress in your surfing, they will also be souvenirs and memories of the surf holiday of a lifetime.

If you are a professional surfer or a brand ambassador, having good quality surf photographs is essential to help building your brand and reach more followers. By booking a surf photoshoot to have representative content to publish can help you to reach so many more followers and new clients to the brand you represent. And as a surf brand having great surf photos is quite obviously more than important. You don’t want to stand out the other way by having just some iPhone shots!

Surf photography really embodies my motto of making moments eternal. Every wave and second in the ocean is unique, and I am there to capture it for you.

You can book a surf photography shoot in the water or from the land with me.

Noora Lindström – Surf photographer in Ericeira, Portugal

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