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Surf Art Exhibition

As a surf photographer I have always been drawn to photographing women who surf. I guess because of being a surfing woman myself, and having gone thorugh a lot of the struggles of surfing in general, but also having to prove my self time and time again out there, I want to celebrate the ladies out there through my photography. Over the years there has for sure been bit of a lack of women in the lineups in Portugal, I used to be most of the time the only one out there! But to my great joy the amount to ladies out in the water is steadily growing and we are claiming our spot out there.

I love to capture the style, grace, power of feminine surfing and therefore was beyond stoked when I got the opportunity to showcase some of my images in the analog surf art exhibition of the Portuguese Surf Film Festival 2020, held here in Ericeira. Over the years there has been bit of a lack of women in the lineups in Portugal and to my great joy it is steadily growing.

I chose to enter my 5-image series called “Women of Water” for this exhibition. This series not only pictures female surfers, but some women who are also from Ericeira. I found this very fitting for the surf art exhibition also held here. This series of surf photos showcases the joy of surfing unique to women, but also their skills and great styles. This photo series and exhibition for me was to celebrate the women of water, the ever-growing force in the lineups of Ericeira!

I hope you had a chance to go and see it live during the exhibition, but if not, here they are once more, the Women of Water:

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